Questions You Should Ask And Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Graphic or Web Designer

Q.What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A.Make sure that you get to know the person or company and their work before going forward with them. Do not just use any Joe off of the street to design your website or advertisements because your first impression is everything and building your business can be incredibly dependent on that first impression. I would like to add one comment further. Be willing to give the small companies and freelancers a chance. There are many of us out there that do excellent work and your business is important to us. Be willing at times, if the persons portfolio is smaller than the big guys, to look beyond the few examples they have and discern their potential.


Be willing to ask the hard questions and make sure you are getting good service. Giving small businesses a chance is always good because you are helping to stabilize their businesses growth while receiving the same service from them and you might find that it greatly benefits your pocket book

Q.If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A.1)This culture is enamored with the visual. What you present up front is absolutely key to gaining their business.


2) There are many “designers” and “developers” out there who do not have an eye for excellence in advertising. The guys who are good will help you grow your business enormously. Especially the ones who know Search Engine Optimization and how best to advertise your business online.


3) A simple, yet aesthetically pleasing website is much better than one that is loaded with information. This generation is too ADD/ADHD to sit and read anything so you must get your point and info across in a way that captures their attention and is quick to read (or is expressed through the images).


4) Many people try to design their own logos and business cards (or mailers) themselves, but in order to best reach your audience and culture, you must be, not only very aware of your audience but you must research what is working the best in your line of work (what the competition is doing) for that audience. On top of this, you must be skilled in the actual designing part, in order to meet the cultures standards. This generation has an eye for excellence and they can spot a fraud from a mile away. Be willing to outsource your advertising to a professional. It will make a huge difference!

Q.What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A.– They need to ask to see a portfolio

– Ask how much research is involved in their day to day business. (are they keeping up with the trends?)

– Do you charge by the hour or by the job? Hourly rates are dangerous but flat rates can be too because you may get an estimate for a job that costs much less on an hour rate. I think it is safe to ask how long a job might take first. Sometimes, designers will give a flat rate for a template or a design with an hourly rate for any major changes after it is completed (this is what I do). The initial charge can be a little higher than the normal rate because it involves research and estimates and other time consuming things. This is ok, but make sure that you get a breakdown of the estimate up front. Be willing to pay for the research and extra time involved as that will only increase the designer’s ability to provide you with an excellent product. After the initial design and tweaks, be willing to pay the hourly rate for anything done beyond that (but know what the hourly rate is up front and ask how long the changes will take so you can budget). We all know that a workman deserves his wages. Be willing to pay when it is all said and done. If you didn’t take time to ask the questions, don’t be surprised for the extra billing. ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS!

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